Hacker Has To Pay Nintendo 20-30% Of His Salary For The Rest Of His Life After Being Released From Prison

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

20 Apr 2023

The man responsible for hacking Nintendo hacker has been released from prison, but will have to pay 20-30 of his salary to the company for the rest of his life.

Gary Bowser, will now spend the rest of his life paying off a $4.5m fine, plus an additional $10m fine to settle Nintendo’s own civil lawsuit against him.

Sentenced to just under 2 years in jail, Bowser plead guilty to the sale and distribution of piracy enabled devices in February 2022.

Bowser who will likely never full pay off his debt, has managed to muster up $175 so far thanks to his job while a prisoner at the SeaTac Federal Detention Centre in Washington. 

Despite being indicted alongside fellow hacking group ‘Team Xecuter’ members Max Louarn and Yuanning Chen, Bowser was the only one tried and convicted.

During his trial, U.S. District Judge Robert Lasnik reportedly said that Bowser’s sentence was in part “a message” to deter other hackers.

“I always tell the jurors, ‘Your role is not to send a message. Your role is to decide guilt or innocence on the facts’,” Judge Lasnik said. “But my role sometimes does entail sending a message.”