Half Of UK Single Men Change Their Bedsheets Every Four Months

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

29 Apr 2022

Almost half of the UK’s single men don’t change their bed sheets for up to four months, according to new research.

A staggering 45% of single men admitted only washing their sheets every three to four months.

A survey of 2,250 UK adults over the age of 18 carried out by Pizuna Linens, discovered that only 29% of single men washed their sheets once every two weeks whereas 62% of single women changed their bedding at the same frequency.

Forgetting, not being bothered and running out of spare bedding were the top reasons why people don’t change their sheets more often.

As a point of reference it’s advised that you wash your pillowcases, sheets and duvet covers once a week, duvets and blankets once every two to three months and pillows once every four to six months.

The same study also revealed that couples typically give their bed a refresh on average once every three weeks.

“At current times, when sleep health awareness is on the rise and more people would love to get in to bed with clean, fresh sheets, it’s surprising that many people, whether they’re single or in a relationship, may leave it a number of weeks before changing their bedding – longer than the recommended,” brand communications manager at Pizuna Aureen Chinchpure told the Independent.

“Washing your sheets regularly can really help to improve your health and wellbeing, skin and even your mental health, and might even help you to get a much better night’s sleep.”

How often do you change your sheets?