Harry Pinero & Henrie Kwushue Are Set To Host Spotify’s ‘Who We Be Talks’ Podcast

The ultimate dream team – Harry and Henrie!

June 15, 2020 Elle Evans

It has been announced that both Harry Pinero and Henrie Kwushue are going to host Spotify’s ‘Who We Be Talks’ podcast.

The ‘Who We Be Talks’ podcast is in partnership with Spotify’s popular ‘Who We Be’ playlist which features an array of genre’s including Hip-Hop, Afro-beats, Dancehall and R&B. Celebrating Black music and the surrounding culture, Harry and Henrie will sit down and share their thoughts and opinions on recent events, artists, releases and Black culture on a weekly basis.

We will be able to hear the pair’s first episode on the 23rd of June – we can’t wait!