Hasbulla Potentially Has New Rival To Fight

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

20 Jun 2021

The pint size internet sensation Hasbulla Magomedov, potentially has another challenger on his hands his manager revealed.

Chechen MMA fighter, Asxab Tamaev more commonly known as Hasbulla’s manager detailed of another fighter vying to clash with “mini Khabib”.

Tamaev wrote: “Friends, today I interviewed the new fighter, Tain. During the conversation, he challenged Hasbulla and commented on the upcoming fight between Abdurozik and Hasbik,”

“Tain is quite confident in his abilities and he is ready to start the press conference right now. But this is not surprising, so why be afraid if he can lift his body weight – we have clearly checked this in the gym.”

Tain’s muscular figure doesn’t seem to be a deterrent for Hasbulla and why would it with the former previously saying: “I want to punish this one. He talks too much”, referring to former UFC Champion Conor McGregor.

A fight between Tain and Hasbulla would likely come after he faces his arch-nemesis Abdurozik who also has the pituitary dwarfism condition, in the “coming days”.