Help Go Fund Ra’ed Khan In His Road To Dunkirk To Help Sub Sahara Africa Refugees

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By Kings Media

Kings Media

5 Dec 2017

Help Go Fund Ra’ed Khan as he makes the journey to Dunkirk to provide aid and help refugees with desperate needs. Click here to help

On March 16th 2016, an official refugee camp was set up in Dunkirk but just a short 13 months later it was destroyed by a cruel fire, tearing away at everything in its wake.  Fast forward to August of this year and French police started forcibly evicting refugees from the woods, some of those being families with small children, left with nothing but the belongings they can carry and each other.

Approximately 250 refugees currently occupy this camp with a high proportion of those from Sub Sahara Africa; they have escaped war only to be met with the direst of circumstances. With numbers increasing, conditions in the Dunkirk camp are reaching an all-time low with weather worsening and the cold rapidly drawing in.  Many are sick and at risk of illness with only thin tents for shelter, at best.

On December 16th, the Road to Freedom team (in collaboration with Imran Malik Publicity) and Ra’ed Khan will be making the journey to Dunkirk to provide aid and help where we can.

Are you collecting for anything in particular?

The aim is to raise £2000 so we can make as many food parcels as possible which we will personally be handing to the people in need there.  Any contribution towards this amount, however small or big would be truly appreciated and will no doubt make a difference.

This is a crime against humanity and together with your help we want to start putting the pieces back together of a very broken picture.