Hennessy Launches The South Renaissance Alongside The Queen Of The South & Cloud X

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

10 Apr 2024

The South London Renaissance kicked off in style last Friday with an electrifying event by Hennessy, The Queen Of The South, and Cloud X. Headlined by the South London MC Bawo, infectious ener, which included chart-toppers like “Talking Too Much,” as well as beloved tracks such as “Skate” and “Starts With A Text.”

This collaboration between Hennessy, The Queen of the South, and Cloud X marks the beginning of a month-long celebration showcasing the finest underground talent that London’s South East has to offer. VIP guests included; Kairo Keyz, Novelist, NSG’s Mojo, Tweeko, Flohio, Big Zeeks, Rosa Cecilia, S.A.M, Jessy Law, & Nat Winter, amongst others.

As the festivities continue into the second week (April 12th), the spotlight will shine on the South London Rap collective, House Of Pharaohs, promising another unforgettable performance. Week three (April 19th) brings a mesmerizing double bill featuring the soulful sounds of Etta Bond and Tara Lilly. Wrapping up the residency on week four (April 26th) will be Finn Foxell, with support from Santino Le Saint.

Each week promises to deliver a unique blend of culture and music, further solidifying South London as a hotbed of creativity and talent.

Via: @BenGibsonPhoto