Homerton’s 98 collective return with a sun-soaked set of visuals for “Taco.”

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

28 Aug 2020

The 98s collective have dropped some heat, in the form of “Taco” and it’s supporting visual.

On all fronts, the rap outfit – comprised of Homerton and Holly Street based rappers: V9, Jimmy, Billy Billions, Alchubbino, Stally – exhibit all the essential components and chemistry to further solidify their status early on in the scene.

Spraying their sharpest stanzas across Latin-tinged backdrop, each artist shows you that they live what they rap. As they effortlessly pocket the cruddy beat with great confidence and insane skill.

Transporting us to sunny Barcelona for the cut, take a look at how the five spitters kick back overseas. Peep the visuals for Taco up top…