Human penises are shrinking because of pollution, warns scientist

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

26 Mar 2021

Scientist have revealed that penises are shrinking are in fact shrinking and genitals becoming malformed because of pollution.

Environmental scientist, Dr Shanna Swan has warned in a new book, that humanity is staring at an “existential crisis” in fertility rates thanks to phthalates.

Phthalates, is a chemical used when manufacturing plastics that impacts the hormone-producing endocrine system, which is now resulting in a growing number of babies being born with small penises, according to Dr Swan.

“Babies are now entering the world already contaminated with chemicals because of the substances they absorb in the womb,” Dr Swan said.

“In some parts of the world, the average twenty-something today is less fertile than her grandmother was at 35. Chemicals in our environment and unhealthy lifestyle practices in our modern world are disrupting our hormonal balance, causing various degrees of reproductive havoc.”

Dr Swan believes that the rapidly decreasing fertility rate means that most men will be unable to produce viable sperm by the year 2045 on this current trajectory.