Hundreds March Over The Death Of Mohamud Mohammed Hassan

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

13 Jan 2021

Hundreds marched the streets of Cardiff after a young black man was reportedly killed by Cardiff police. Mohamud Mohammed Hassan, 24, was arrested at his home at 11 pm January 8th and was forcibly taken to Cardiff Bay Police station.

According to human rights activist Lee Jasper, Mohamud was released from Cardiff Bay Police Station around noon January 10th without being charged. Suffering from severe injuries, his light grey tracksuit was covered in blood. After returning to his home he saw a close friend, saying to him “Look fam the police have beat the shit out of me.” He was so fatigued and weakened by his injuries that he wanted to rest before seeking medical attention. After a few hours, a friend attempted to wake him up but Mohamud was unresponsive, emergency services were then called. A first responder arrived who administered CPR, who was followed by two ambulance paramedics who then pronounced him dead.

Police arrived in significant numbers and family members were refused entry or sight of his body which laid on the kitchen floor till 6:45 am that Sunday.

Please be aware that the events leading up to the death are still under investigation and that the above account is not the definitive sequence of events.

Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael called for people to “be patient” confirming that the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) will be investigating what happened between Mr Hassan and police before his death on Saturday evening.

Around 300 people showed for the Cardiff march over Mr Hassan’s death, chanting “no justice, no peace”. Campaigners have said they will continue with demonstrations and want the CCTV footage of Mr Hassan’s time in custody released.