In talks with rising star Javan!

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

29 Sep 2020

Rapper and vocalist – Javan has been cutting a clear path for himself musically since bringing a soothing dose of conscious raps and melodic goodness to our platform last year, in the form of a Next Up? freestyle.

Although Javan may be new to the scene, he is certainly no stranger to performing. As he recalls first showing signs of star quality from a tender age, which once nurtured through performing arts school would later see him enrolled at the famous Brit school, where his talents would become more refined.

Now, the 18-year-old is plotting on his next power move following the release of his infectious and triumphant release, entitled “We Are Not The Same” – a declaration of the authenticity and tenacity he possesses, which sets him apart from others. Mixtape Madness caught up with the artist for a quick phone call to talk about his time in performing arts school, the influences behind his work and more!

How did you get into making into music? 

I grew up in Croydon, in a house with my mom and siblings. I went to school in Upper Norwood and then I carried on to study at Brit school which made me take pursing music seriously. Living in Croydon and stuff, I found myself taking every opportunity I could to go to the studio.

So talk me through your decision to do performance properly?

I went to a secondary school that started to cut out all creative subjects. So that’s when I went to Brit school; but all my younger years I was involved in Stage Coach which was basically like a performing art school that we could attend every Saturday. But yeah, the music stuff mainly started at Brit. 

How did you find the transition from Brit School to the scene? 

Well initially I wasn’t sure if I wanted to record music, I just knew that I wanted to perform and then when I went to Brit I met one of my friends who was like ‘yo let’s go to the studio.’ When I went I fell in love with it, so I started to go regularly while juggling making music with my GCSE’s. 

Did you come from a musical household, because this love for music and performance must have come from somewhere?!

You know what it is, my mom used to sing when I was younger. But to be honest it was my mom pushing me and always telling me go to the front and sing. It’s a confidence thing, she’d always tell me no matter what it is you can do it; singing is always something I’ve done since I was really young, I’d even make little videos too. Secondly, it’s about who you’re around and I’m surrounded by a lot of creative people who go for their goals. 

Describe your music in 3 words? 

That’s hard, I don’t think I can give just three words. But, I’d have to say something to do with soul because recently a lot of the music I’ve been more touching emotionally. So I’d say it’s feel-good vibes with a mixture of substance.

Congrats on almost 100K on “Not The Same” which was impressively released on your own channel. Did you expect such an amazing response? 

You know what I wasn’t expecting it, I just thought to myself it’s time to start building on my own channel. I would have been happy with anything, so when I saw it rise up and my boy called me about it – I was thinking to myself what? But then I sat and thought to myself I can actually see why people like it, it’s a catchy tune. As an artist you make music and you get over it after a while; you just want listeners to love it as much as you did when made it.

It must have been overwhelming? 

It was more humbling for me, I wasn’t expecting it but it happened. Now I want to chase it even more. 

It just proves that talent always prevails and people are always looking for music with a message behind it! What was the inspiration? 

I’m in a really good phase in my life right now, obviously I’m 18 so I’m recognising that I’m becoming a man. When I made the song I was at the stage where I felt like we’re still boys and not to say I’m fully grown – I still have so much growing to do. But I wanted to convey that I’m elevating from where I was and where I am. That makes me feel like I’m not the same, there’s a lot of fake people in this world also. And I was thinking about the past and all the people who have done me or my boys wrong. So I decided to have fun with it, so I wrote a song about being different to them other guys and at the same time I wanted to flex. 

You mentioned that you are always in the studio and I noticed that you don’t have much music out yet. 

One thing I’ll say is because I love recording so much, it’s allowed me to experiment with a bunch of sounds that I’m not used to. Me not having much out, is due to me kind of always plotting the next move I just want to make sure that it’s the right one every-time.

What’s an average studio session like for you? 

I usually turn up with a little Magnum, I don’t write before so I just say to the producer let’s catch a vibe. We’re usually in there for five plus hours and I usually like to have a guitarist to sit in with us. I’ve recently been learning to play as well.

Are there any musical influences you carry from your childhood to the music you make today? 

Biggie and a lot of old hip-hop. 

What’s next from you? 

I can’t really say too much surprise but I’ve got a surprise coming soon.