In Talks With South London’s Rising Rapper – KAY2B

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

20 Oct 2020

Fresh off the back of his debut single ‘Paul Pogba’, KAY2B is the next promising talent to arise from South London. Having gone viral on Triller with the teaser to the track throughout summer, and in turn, garnering a small but hungry fan base, KAY2B burst onto the scene in September and has since gained over 185,000 views on YouTube alone – impressive right?! Although KAY2B is still at the very beginning of his career, the London native has already been signed to the likes of Relentless Records, home to Headie One, Bryson Tiller and more!

We caught up with the rising emcee and asked him a few questions…

To my understanding you grew up in South London, tell us a bit more about your upbringing and how music was introduced to you?

I grew up in South East London, the people I was surrounded by were always grinding or doing something. I was trying to find what I was good at, and I was good at Football but when I was growing up, it didn’t go the way I wanted it to all the time so I was trying to find something else. I was with a couple of friends; it all began in the car just bantering and freestyling for bants and they said that I should try it. I basically came up with the song, ‘Paul Pogba’ and that’s it really!

What artists or genres did you grow up listening, to that inspired or influenced you? Or still to this day? 

I listen to everyone to be honest! I would say listening to J Hus, his personality, his cheeky side reminds me of myself. Then, there is Headie One with the flows, just hearing his flow pushed me to do things. Those are the two who impact me!

Being a footballer, what made you decide to want to hit the booth as well as the pitch?

Honestly, money init! *laughs* Nah, football had its time, and I was on the verge of moving on and I didn’t know what to do until we had done that freestyle in the car. My friends were like let’s go to the booth, went to the booth now, and made the song! I showed a couple of my other friends and they were excited about it and said that I could take it somewhere! *laughs* I was practicing my flows because obviously copying other peoples flow is not the go-to, so yeah, I was just practicing my own flows and lyrics and eventually I came up with ‘Paul Pobga’.

Yeah, because it has a lot of Football references in it, doesn’t it?

Yeah yeah! I would describe this song as my experiences with females and my lifestyle at the same time, that’s why it says “If I see one ting from far/ I’ma shoot my shot like Paul Pogba” so it has a football reference at the same time! People are like ‘Ahh that’s different!’, it just brings out more of my personality, this is me, I’m not any other guy – you feel me?!

Yeah! So, what you made you decide that this would be your debut single? Because it’s doing numbers as well!

Yeah, it is doing very well! Especially for my first track! With that track, that’s when I knew I was about to get better with it. I made a Triller account and put it on there, and everyone was saying ‘Wow!’. It was just about me being cheeky on the track, enjoying it and having a lot of energy. That’s it to be honest, now, I need to start getting better lyrically.

With only one single out, you are already signed to Relentless Records – which is sick! How did this signing come about? How were you found?

It was management to be honest! The management and the deal came at pretty much the same time, the connections happened, we went to the studio and made the song and yeah! It all came together; they were happy with the song and we dropped it!

Obviously, you only have one song out, and we don’t yet know the full extent of  your sound! Could you describe your sound in 3 words?

Ermm! I would say, with the type of beats, unique and wavey Drill beats! I don’t have two other words, but as time goes by, I will be more versatile!

It’s very early days for collaborations, but is there anyone you have always wanted to collaborate with either in the UK or overseas?

You know what, I don’t know you know! I haven’t thought about who my first collaboration would be, probably like Headie One or M1llionz! The type of sounds M1llionz has been jumping on as well, are pretty similar! Or maybe even Dutchavelli!

What else can we expect to hear from you this coming year?

More music! Consistent music! This is different, this is the type of new music that we all want!

You can keep up to date with all things KAY2B via his Instagram here.