Insights Comes To London After Sold Out African Dates

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

19 Jun 2023

After finding success with two sold out events in Ghana and Nigeria, Muyiwa Awoniyi is bringing his ‘Insights’ event to London on June 22nd, with aims to educate those attending with useful information about the music industry. The event is set to include a host of some of the most recognisable names across UK music, and will take place at Wembley’s The Aura, powered by YouTube.

Awoniyi has found success through his management company, BSB Management, who take care of artists such as Tems and Lekka Beats. He will be calling upon the expert insights of Dave, Jae 5, Ms Banks, Teezee, Juls, Alex Boateng, and Ebi Sampson amongst others, who will each host breakout sessions for those wishing to take the next step in their musical careers.

Speaking on the event, Awoniyi says:

“I started insights fundamentally for two reasons. The first reason; due to the awareness of how huge the African music scene was becoming and the importance of having thorough knowledge about it in order to retain ownership of this cultural renaissance. People don’t come here to find out “What is the meaning of publishing” but rather, they come here to learn deeper aspects of the industry such as “How to earn equity in the hearts of human beings”.  The second reason for doing this is more personal. I have been blessed by the very community that consumes this very music of ours and the least I feel I could do is to educate and reorientate the minds of people who have the same interests as I do concerning the music industry; based on my lessons I have learnt through my personal experience.

Insights isn’t some typical panel. The mixer type flow allows for a feel of comfort, food and drinks are served to welcome guests and individuals who are experts in their craft/field within the music industry are available to have dialogue with music enthusiasts in this type of setting. It allows for a true community build and also expands the network of individuals in a very authentic manner. I am so excited to be doing the 3rd edition of insights in London and I am also looking forward to taking this all around the world eventually.”

The event looks set to be an unmissable occasions filled with gems about how to succeed in such a competitive industry. The sign up for this event is available here.