Instagram Prankster Jailed For 4 Days

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

27 Jan 2021

We’ve all seen the viral videos of the man in the rainbow jacket roaming the streets & trains of london disturbing the public. Well the man behind the viral pranks Mr_Boris_Becker had an unfortunate run in with the law.

Mr Becker was about two minutes away from his residence when he and a friend were stopped by police. His friend was fined £200 and released, but for some reason Becker was put in a cell for 4 days.

The treatment does seem unusually harsh and without much cause considering his friend who was with him at the time didn’t face the same punishment. According to him he was targeted by law enforcement who seemed to have it in for him because of his fame.

A Twitter thread detailing the event, with video testimony by Boris and his friend.