Interactive crime drama/mobile game ‘Dead Man’s Phone’ launched

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

31 Mar 2021

Dead Man’s Phone is a Bafta-nominated interactive mobile game, where you take the role of a New Scotland Yard detective tasked with solving a murder by searching through the victim’s phone. The found phone style game set in Peckham, takes gamers through the investigative eyes of the London Met’s murder squad, while you uncover why Jerome Jacobs was pushed off a South London council estate tower bloc.

Described as Top Boy meets Cluedo’ the game addresses problems of police profiling, racism and gang-related violence in the form of an episodic interactive drama.

The game developers Electric Noir have officially partnered with the renowned South London label Defenders Ent. Inspired by the sounds of London’s streets, songs curated and licensed exclusively by Defenders will close out each episode as well as appear on the Vibesapp in Jerome’s phone. This music will showcase some of the hottest emerging talent in UK drill and hip-hop and will immerse gamers worldwide into UK street culture.

Nihal Tharoor, founder of ElectricNoir, said: “We created Dead Man’s Phone in order to tell an intimate, complex and meaningful story about the death of a black teenager in London,”

“So often relegated to a simple news headline, working on mobiles allowed us to create an accessible experience with a really poignant message that would reach a much wider audience.”

Defenders Ent will also be releasing a 10 track EP featuring tracks from T1, Cristale, Karma (Zone 2), Mares (HitSquad) and more coming out April 12, alongside two music videos including T1’s ‘Stepping In Sauce’.

Defenders Label President, Corey Johnson said: “The opportunity to have the gaming world hear new UK acts has always been a massive part of our label’s ethos and this is an amazing project to be a part of. The EP is a taste of the eclectic sound of the UK streets, and I can’t wait for gamers around the world to be part of it too.”

‘Dead Man’s Phone’ is now available via all app stores, follow: @deadmansphone & @defendersent