Introducing: Stoodio Club Is Maximising Creative Processes For Creators

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

27 Oct 2021

Who is Stoodio Club and what is their M.O? 

The Hackney-based company emerged last year with the innovative aim to become a hub for the production of creative and tech-based content. Studio Club extends a contract-free service to creators who are in need of a community and space to craft their best work. STROMECTOL USED FOR  

This year they introduced their multi-use app and users can: manage (24hr) Stoodio sessions, collaborate with other members and share content. Find out more about this here

“For far too long, we have seen creatives become the subject to undervalued rewards, whether it be financially or commercially. We aim to not just add value to the creatives craft but to also show them that there are many ways they can retain ownership, which allows them to be the mediator of their craft. ivermectina comprimido para cães dosagem ” – Ike Ihecherenoma, co-founder. 

What’s more? The black-owned company has recently launched a new campaign, ‘Return to Greatness’. This focuses on championing female talent and tackling issues they may face in the creative industry by offering free sessions for podcasting, engineering, DJing and more. 

Be a part of the Stoodio Club community here.