Introducing the UK’s newest R&B platform ‘Breaking Notes.’

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

9 Aug 2020

Today, the UK’s newest R&B platform – Breaking Notes, pulls the curtains on it’s first performance.

First up to the mic is upcoming singer, Leila McKenzie with the emotional ballad, titled “Space.”

Shining in her debut, Lelia glosses a piano-led instrumental, which is encompassed by a soft, mellow atmosphere. Allowing the singer’s heartfelt words and emotions to peak with each word, line and verse.

Creepa, one of the founders of the platform, shared that Breaking Notes was created by “a group of individuals who have always had an interest in music, specifically R&B.” Continuing, he speaks about the amount of talent bubbling with in the genre and the lack of platforms their are to nurture and expose them at the early stages of their trajectory.“[We] realised that there wasn’t many online platforms for UK artists, particularly for those who are up and coming, to showcase their amazing vocals.”

The aim of this new endeavour is to help facilitate breakthroughs for artists and give them the recognition that they deserve. “There are a great number of fantastic platforms for drill, grime and rap music and we believe that the UK music industry needs this, as too many talented singers fall on deaf ears. Hopefully we can bring more awareness to the R&B scene,” Creepa says.