Isatta Sheriff addresses the exploitation of Black women in music on new single ‘Will They Try’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

1 Sep 2022

East London rapper Isatta Sheriff has released her new single, ‘Will They Try’, the third single from her highly anticipated EP, ‘Eat The Kiwi Skin’ that drops next month. The project sees Isatta reunite with Italian musician, beat maker, and friend Koralle (real name Lorenzo Nada) with whom she previously collaborated on their acclaimed song, ‘Laid Back’. ‘Will They Try’ discusses head-on the exploitation of black female rappers within Hip-Hop with Isatta exploring the racial politics and misogynoir connected to this. Through her purposeful lyrics which Isatta has become renowned for, we witness her poetically reflect on her battles to get to this point in her musical career. Produced by Koralle the soul-filled production combines elements of Jazz and Hip Hop, with the saxophone colliding perfectly with her lyrics to allow the story to unfold.

Isatta said of her new song:

“This is the most important track on the EP as it addresses the exploitation of Black women in hip hop, and the exploration of hip hop in general.

We have started to talk about the countless Black female singers and songwriters in dance and hip-hop music who go uncredited in the U.K, and I wanted to extend the conversation with Black female rappers and explore the racial politics and misogynoir connected to this.

People often ask the same questions regarding women’s position in hip-hop, and I ask “will they try to understand” the full scope of the problem and then DO something, because the conversation is stuck and needs to progress.”

Isatta is always focused on self-improvement and has an unwavering devotion to her craft, lacing rhymes with humour and remaining remarkably consistent. The forthcoming project ‘Eat The Kiwi Skin’ is a Rap-heavy project with Isatta making music on her own terms and speaking freely on subjects that are close to her heart. Following up the first two singles with this thought-provoking third release, she has set the tone for what is to come on this project and beyond.