Japanese Joker Injures 17 During Stabbing & Arson Spree

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

1 Nov 2021

A man dubbed the ‘Japanese Joker’ terrorised train passengers in Tokyo injuring as many as 17 people.

The 24-year-old man dressed in a green shirt and purple suit similar in style to that of famed Batman comic book villain the Joker, reportedly sprayed a clear liquid around the carriage before setting it alight.

The perpetrator according to eyewitnesses showed no emotion during the attack.

A female passenger told the press:

“He held a knife and started spreading liquid. He was committing this act without showing any emotion, just mechanically. I think that brought fear to everyone.”

Another eyewitness told reporters: “I thought it was a Halloween stunt. Then, I saw a man walking this way, slowly waving a long knife.”

Of the 17 injured three are said to be seriously so with the remaining injured considered to not be in life-threatening condition.

Footage showed terrified passengers running out of the carriage where the attack took place and bunching together at the other end of the train.

Disturbingly enough there is also footage showing the young man sitting nonchalantly in, covid mask dropped to his chin and all on the train carriage smoking a cigarette, before he was apprehended.

Local media reports say that the suspect told authorities that he adored the Joker and wanted to kill people so he could be sentenced to death.