Jay Z Rumoured To Be Weighing Up Bid To Buy Tottenham Hotspurs

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

31 Jul 2023

Jay-Z is rumoured to be weighing up a shock bid to buy English Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur pending the possible conviction of the club’s current owner Joe Lewis over fraud and insider trading allegations.

The 53-year-old, rap icon, with a reported net worth of £1.95 billion, is said to be waiting in the wings alongside a group of US investors interested in a stake in the North London club, the Express reports.

Jay’s interest in investing in a Premier League club ironically goes back as far as 2010, when he apparently tried to put money into Tottenham’s bitter rivals Arsenal. Speaking at the time, he said: “I don’t know a lot about the business of soccer, but in the future if the right opportunity presented itself, then who knows?”

The music-mogul has already started dipping his toes into the world of football, signing stars like Romelu Lukaku and Kevin De Bruyne currently under Roc Nation Sports management.

Roc Nation Sports also recently acquired the Brazilian TFM Agency adding Vincius Jr, Gabriel Martinelli and over 100 players to the Roc Nation Sports roster.

“In terms of football, Brazil is the centre of it all,” Roc Nation Sports founder and president Juan Perez said in a statement on the company’s website.

“I strongly identify with a culture that has such an incredible passion for sport and music. Our influence in this game is growing and this move shows our intentions to the world.”