JBEE Drafts In Dante YN For ’24’s’ German Remix

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

13 Dec 2022

Rising star JBEE has returned with a fresh version of his ’24’s’ single, calling up Dante YN for the German remix of his viral track. The new version caps off a huge year for the rapper, who has risen to prominence after his ‘Next Up?’, and a string of catchy singles.

JBEE’s remix still features the hook from the previous version, where the artist spits effortlessly about his necessity to grind every day. The rich, ‘Pound Cake’ style instrumental brings a smoothness to the track and offers the perfect platform for both JBEE and Dante YN to build upon. The German artist establishes himself well in his verses, offering a different kind of flow and subject matter in his native language.

JBEE has had a fantastic run this year, with his ‘Next Up?’ episode reaching over 11 million views in ten months. The artist has also found success away from freestyling, on tracks such as ‘Talking Stage’, and ‘4am’. There is no doubt that JBEE has a keen ear for a catchy instrumental and can deliver a hook that will grab people’s attention. The young rapper certainly has potential as well as the ability to take 2023 by storm.