Jelani Blackman Calls On Lavida Loca For The “Foolish” Remix

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

14 Dec 2020

Jelani Blackman has returned with the remix to his previous drop, Foolish, expect this time the emcee has called on the likes of Lavida Loca for an all-new spin on the track!

Adding her own distinct dimension to the track, Lavida Loca delivers a hard-hitting verse shortly after Jelani Blackman glazes the bouncing instrumental with an unapologetic and infectious approach. Speaking on the release, Jelani commented; “Foolish is me talking to myself the morning after a night out with a smile on my face and some memories that I might want to forget. I would always do it all again because I think everyone should live life fully and make mistakes, mistakes can lead you to the best times,”.

Listen to the Foolish Remix above.