JME Drops Highly Anticipated “Grime MC” Album

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

29 Nov 2019

JME has finally treated us and dropped his highly anticipated album entitled Grime MC.

Following up from the 2015 release of Integrity. Grime MC is only available to buy in stores via CD and Vinyl. Pulling away from the streaming platforms, JME has decided to take a more old school route distributing this one!

Consisting of 18 tracks and features from the likes of Wiley, Giggs, Skepta, P Money, President T and more. The track list for the album is as follow:

1. Of My Life
2. P***ks
3. Issmad
4. Dem Man Are Dead (ft Skepta)
5. This One
6. Nang (ft Skepta)
7. You Watch Me
8. Badman Walking Through (ft Shakka & P Money)
9. You Know
10. Knock Your Block Off (ft Giggs)
11. Ding Ding Ding (ft President T)
12. Yes Men (ft Wiley)
13. Move On
14. How Much
15. Change
16. Here
17. Live (ft Merky Ace)
18. Brothers & Sisters

Be sure to grab yourself a copy!

You can buy the CD online here or in store at HMV. Vinyl copies can be purchased through any good record shop and on Amazon here.