K1 N15 unleashes brand-new banger titled “Bando”.

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

7 Nov 2020

16-year-old K1 N15 solidified himself as one to keep a serious eye on with his last song, entitled “Bad 1”.

Now, he follows up his predecessors success with another heavy-duty drop in the form of “Bando” and it’s accompanying visual.

Bodying the muscular drill-ensemble behind him, K1 gives us some insight into the “Bando” lifestyle. The vocal tone used by the prodigious MC translates in a calm and in control manner; which in turn dictates the slickness of his flow.

Lyrically, K1 lays down the law, in lines like: “Sweet one wan’ come to the Bando/ can’t have her in and out of the spot” and “Foot on the brake if I spin me an opp/ you know we get straight to chingings” – delivering cold and brutal bars which make for an engaging listen.

Take in the visual accompaniment above!