Kaia Laurielle blesses us with her stunning new record “GOLD.”

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

5 Aug 2020

Kaia Laurielle has revealed yet another gem in the form of this captivating new cut “Gold,” Which follows last month’s single Waiting Room.”

Underpinned by an enticing concoction of bold piano movements and muted percussion impressions, “Gold” is yet another gold-plated rung on her ladder to world domination. 

Laurielle’s rich and delectable voice, takes centre stage (once again) as it sashays across the slow burning production. Throughout, the singer reiterates the line: “everything I touch turns to gold,” – which you’ll find is far from an exaggeration once you’ve listened.

While we wait for Kaia Laurielle’s upcoming EP the “Waiting Room.” Stream Gold above and Apple Music.