Kangaroo Who Spent Four Days On The Run Punches Police Officer In The Face Before Finally Being Detained

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

6 Dec 2023

A runaway kangaroo reportedly punched a police officer in the face before finally being detained after four days on the run in Canada.

The four-year-old female kangaroo was stopped by Durham Regional Police Service after they received a call from a member of the public claiming to have seen a kangaroo hopping around.

Having evaded its handlers and escaped while being transported to a zoo in Quebec on Thursday the roo was finally spotted some time after 3am Monday on a rural property in North Oshawa 

“So in accordance with best practice by the handlers, the officers just actually grabbed it by the tail and they were able to safely keep her detained in the area,” Staff Sgt. Chris Boileau told reporters Monday.

“Only one of the officers was struck in the face during the apprehension, but he’ll be just fine and we won’t be continuing the investigation,” Boileau added.

‘The kangaroo gave up and surrendered peacefully to police officers.”

The force said it will not be pressing charges.