Kano Honours Jamaica In New Short Film ‘A Blessed Place’

Afoma Andrea

By Afoma Andrea

Afoma Andrea

20 Dec 2021

In collaboration with Caribbean rum brand Duppy Share, Kano has released a new short film titled ‘A Blessed Place’.

The 11-minute film marks the release of Duppy White, a new white rum created and founded by Kano in partnership with Duppy Share Caribbean Rums.

Described as the “smallest place with the hugest impact”, A Blessed Place reads as a love letter to Jamaican culture. Directed by Aneil Karia the short sheds light on the Grime pioneer’s connection with the country and its indisputable global influence.

Collaborating with Kano is always a pleasure. Whenever we work together on a film – whether it’s fact or fiction – the M.O is always to capture the ‘reality’ as deeply as possible. With this piece, we wanted the viewer to be able to actually breathe in the Jamaica that Kano knows and loves. To make something intimate, personal…sensory”. – Aneil  Karia 

Make Sure To Catch A Blessed Place Down Below.