Kazakhstan & Madagascar Introduce New Laws That Will See The Surgical Removal Of Paedophiles Genitals

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

9 Feb 2024

Both Kazakhstan and Madagascar have introduced new laws that will see convicted paedophiles have their genitals surgically removed.

Elnur Beisenbaev, an MP and executive secretary of the ruling Amanat Party in Kazakhstan, said the government was “spineless and pandering to paedophiles”, suggesting chemical castration was not effective.

“Unfortunately, [sex crimes against children] are happening more and more often,” he said.

“By letting a rapist go free, we allow them to reoffend. If a paedophile attack is especially cruel, I believe surgical castration must be applied…,”

“There were about 430 crimes of this kind committed against our children lately. Our government demonstrates its lack of backbone by not approving surgical castration, as if we violate the rights of paedophiles, because paedophiles are human beings. I believe they are not human beings.”

Kazakhstan has already operated a system of forced castration for paedophiles for several years.

In Madagascar’s parliament, The National Assembly, approved a law which legalised the castration of child rapists. 

The old law stated that those found guilty of raping a minor would face between five and 20 years of forced labour. 

The new law will see those found guilty of raping a child under ten-years-old surgically castrated and sentenced to life imprisonment.

If the victim is between ten and 13-years-old, they will instead be chemically castrated and face 15 to 20 years of forced labour. 

Minister of Justice Landy Randriamanantenasoa hit back at criticism and championed the bill. 

“Society must know what they did and who they are,” Ms Randriamanantenasoa told French language newspaper Le Quotidien.