Kick Game And Apple Music Partner On Playlist Curation Project

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

18 Jul 2023

Luxury sneaker retailer Kick Game has come together with Apple Music and Beats By Dre to launch their own Apple Music curator profile. The profile will host a series of playlists from some of the biggest names in Hip-Hop and Hip-Hop culture, as well as kicking off Kick Game’s ‘Summer Series’, which encompasses all of the brands activities over the summer months.

Kick Game will be offering a variety of sounds and perspectives through their playlists, from UK Rap royalty and Kick Game investor Fredo on ‘Fredo’s Game’, to Shopping For Sneakers host Craig Mitch and his ‘On Rotation With Craig Mitch’ playlist.

There will also be music from those who featured as guests on the Shopping For Sneakers series, as well as ‘Sneakhxr Sound System’, a playlist curated by women that looks to empower women in the scene and creative industries. The first ‘Sneakhxr Sound System’ playlist takeover comes courtesy of Joce Wavey, with more takeovers expected from the likes of Latto and Lola Brooke.

The collaboration will be celebrated this Thursday at Kick Game’s flagship Covent Garden store, with music from Joce Wavy, Jeeniius, and Anuja Unknown. The party will welcome a host of talent, while tickets are available to the general public who will be given opportunities to win prizes from Kick Game and Beats By Dre on the claw machine or through giveaways. Those interested in attending can sign up using this link.