Kick Game To Host Second Annual SNEAKHXR Fest

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

10 Mar 2023

Kick Game have announced their second annual SNEAKHXR Fest, taking place on the 11th of March at 31 New Inn Yard, Shoreditch. The event takes place in the week of International Women’s Day and aims to celebrate the women making a difference in the world of culture and fashion.

SNEAKHXR Fest will include panels from a wide array of the most important women in the fashion industry, as well as food stalls, art, and giveaways supplied by Kick Game. The event will feature DJ sets from an all female line up of Hannah Wants, Joce Wavy, and Cvssie. There will also be a panel held by the legendary DJ Tiffany Calver, making this event an unmissable occasion.

CEO of Kick Game Alicia Fitzgerald said of the event:

“SNEAKHXR Fest was a huge success last year so we’re really excited to present a bigger and better version of the event for 2023. At Kick Game we think it is really important to champion inclusivity and diversity and we think that this is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the women who are driving forward streetwear culture.”

Ayat El-Zein, Head of Talent & Partnerships, added:

“SNEAKHXR FEST was born from the desire to create a space for marginalised groups. This event is very close to home for me as a female in the sneaker industry. It was very important for me to support and empower women in a male dominated space and give talented females the recognition they deserve. The purpose of the event is to celebrate and empower women, and to provide a platform for females to showcase their talents under one roof, transcending industries and providing a space for creatives to network and engage in fashion, art, culture, food, sports and music.”

The event looks set to be a resounding success and mirrors Kick Game’s ethos of diversity and inclusivity. SNEAKHXR Fest will therefore be an opportunity to bring together and educate a new generation of women in how to break through and make a name for themselves in a male dominated industry, as well as celebrating those who have already achieved success.