Krept announces tribute show being planned for Cadet

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

14 Feb 2019

Following the recent passing of the ‘Underrated Legend’ Cadet, Krept has announced he is planning a tribute show dedicated to him.

Krept took to Twitter posting there is going to be over 20 of some of the best UK artists performing at the show, ‘I have over 20 of some of our best uk artists and counting that have said they are willing to perform’.

All of the money raised will be put towards a cause in Cadets name, which is still being decided. Each ticket will be sold at £20 each.

Krept also added that the event will be held on Cadets birthday ‘And we would love to do this on his birthday. 2nd March’. None of the acts performing at the tribute show have been announced yet.

Cadet’s mum wants to build something in Cadet’s name. Krept also took to twitter this morning with a few suggestions, asking fans to like their favourite ones.

Krept also added ‘Help multiple charities (suggested by you guys) in less fortunate countries’. The family really want the fans to be involved in the process.

The tribute show will definitely be a night to remember.