Krept touches on the Wiley Beef

Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

12 Aug 2015

Forget Meek Mill V Drake, we may have a culture clash on our hands, Krept & Konan  V Wiley!! Now that would shutdown LOTM.

Would this be Hip Hop V Grime? Didn’t Wiley have Hip Hop tracks on his album and American features such as Camron? Didn’t Krept and Konan come up via Grime? Am I confused, yes but if Meek can beef Drake over not tweeting, then anything goes I guess. Would be a dope clash either way but how did it kick off?

Wiley stated that Krept and Konan’s album sounded Toronto and from there the beef was on Twitter and spilled over into the Radio 1xtra

Krept made some bold statements in this interview: Godfather of Grime who hasn’t had a successful Grime album? Wiley hated on Stormzy too?

Well Wiley has never been one to keep quiet so we look forward to response.