KSI And Logan Paul Announce Joint Venture Drinks Company ‘Prime’

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

5 Jan 2022

KSI and Logan Paul have put down their boxing gloves to announce a new partnership.

It’s ‘Prime’-time but instead of another “blockbuster” boxing bout the two internet starlets have decided to enter the world of sports beverages.

The duo confirmed that they are releasing an energy drink called ‘Prime’.

Described as the “year of love” by Logan on IG Live, the youtuber said they wanted to put their differences aside and do something together.

Logan added: “Ladies and gentlemen, PRIME Hydration! We are officially business partners, we are no longer rivals.”

Understandably fans of both men were left massively disappointed, expecting another instalment of the Logan vs Ksi boxing feud.

The drink is set to compete with the likes of Gatorade and Powerade and will initially launch in U.S. stores before hitting major UK supermarkets at a later date.