Kwaku Asante Drops Introspective Single ‘Wait For Me (Promise)’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

29 Sep 2022

Rising singer Kwaku Asante has released his new single, ‘Wait For Me’ (Promise), taken from his forthcoming EP, ‘Wanderlust’. Written by Kwaku and produced by HYLNU (Rachel Chinouriri, KAM-BU), ‘Wait For Me (Promise)’ has the ability to spark emotion through the simplest chord change with the production shedding light on Kwaku’s pain of being let

down by a love who went back on a promise and moved on. With heartache at its core, Kwaku’s voice is packed with pain and the song allows him to unpack his feelings and lay it all on the line.

Speaking on the single Kwaku said:

“The song is about meeting a person when you’re not in the right frame of mind. You think that person will wait for you to get together, allowing you to continue as if nothing happened and live happily ever after. But anyone worth waiting for should never wait for anyone in reality.” 

Honing his craft over the past 4 years, Kwaku refuses to conform with his last EP, ‘Blue Solstice’ proving his versatility by blending elements of R&B, Pop, Disco, Neo Soul, Funk and beyond.

Following the release, Kwaku has been on a journey of self-discovery and has arrived at a new phase of his life both personally and professionally. He has now re-established himself in the city he grew up in after an extended period of time out of London and he is more inspired than ever to keep things moving. This year Kwaku has also already had some career highlights, being on tour with Samm Henshaw as well as selling out his last headline show at the Jazz Cafe. Growing up, Kwaku has fond memories of his younger years, his love for music was sparked both at church and at home in a house filled with Gospel and Jazz. Playing the piano and singing in the choir from a young age progressed into recording demos whilst at university and exploring his artistic talents never stopped. 

His formative years taught him about discipline and cultivated his love for academia and sports, which both played a role in shaping him into the man he is today. Fast forward

to the present and he now has co-signs from Jamz Supernova, Soulection, Afropunk, BET, DJ Spoony, he is quickly becoming one of the most exciting and loved voices in the UK landscape. ‘Wait For Me’ is the third single from his forthcoming ‘Wanderlust’ EP, following ‘Rhodes’ and ‘Thinking Of You’ both of which have been packed with vulnerability and have undoubtedly created an appetite for this project.