KWN Drops Third Single, ‘Nobody’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

3 Nov 2022

kwn (pronounced kay-wuhn) has dropped the incredible single ‘nobody’A slick track with production by close collaborator Jay Boogz, he brings effortless mastery to kwn’s whip smart songwriting and agile vocals. The single drops just a day away from her debut EP ‘episode wn’ which comes tomorrow, Friday 4th Nov. 

Kwn’s formative musical journey started many years ago. Further to joining Elam college of music’s ever-growing alumni, the 22 year old musician from Walthamstow, East London has been steadily building her own unique musical universe. Today, following the release of her debut single “wn way or another” last month, kwn returns with her second offering in the form of “sweetie”, which also features British musician Scribz Riley. 

An exploration of navigating an undefined but powerful relationship, kwn says that the record is “I want people to take the positive out of a bad situation.”

Her music holds the blistering honesty of late night laments, throbbing and pulsing with the energy of a London evening. It’s at once both cinematic and disarmingly intimate; in kwn’s own words

That period of my life was a big learning curve, it taught me  alot about myself and i’m so glad that i’m able to write music and express my emotions through my songs because I can look back now and be like rah, I really got through that and I really persevered.”

Unbounded by genre and at once both nostalgic and totally contemporary, kwn’s stories of being young and falling in and out of love in London have a universality that will resonate in cities around the world. 

Co-written by British musician and frequent collaborator Tendai and with mixing by Josh Faulkner (Skepta), kwn only calls on the very best for her music.