KwolleM hits us with dark new EP titled “c2c.”

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

30 Sep 2020

Introducing the prodigious producer, surging a bolt of youthfulness into the current grime-scape – East London’s KwolleM, the man revamping the genre one smooth record at a time.

Out with old – industrialised, warped productions – and in with the new – mellowed and greyed backdrops brightened by the occasional bold strokes of jazzy lilts. Is the outcome of KwolleM’s fresh new project – “c2c.” 

An eight-track affair, that zones in on grime’s east London birth place through 8 nuanced track, featuring guest vocals from legendary MC’s Crazy Titch, Devlin and Roachee. Alongside the likes of Joe James, Rayf, DC, Manga Saint Hilare, Novelist, Flow Dan. 

Listen to the full project up top!