Lewis Hamliton Wins In Turkey To Tie Schumacher Record 7 Titles.

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

15 Nov 2020

Lewis Hamilton made history today, as he tied racing legend Michael Schumacher’s F1 Title wins at the Turkish Grand Prix. He claimed his historic victory finishing 1st in typical Hamilton fashion, even though all he needed to win was to outscore his Mercedes team mate Valterri Bottas who placed 14th. Hamilton also became the most successful F1 driver ever winning his 94th race

His contract with Mercedes ends soon but Hamilton seems to have unfinished business. The 35 year old said after his victory, “I feel like I’m only getting started, it’s really weird”

Even on a day of personal achievement he used his platform to say “We cannot ignore the human rights issues that are going on around the countries we go to, and how we can engage with those countries and help them, empower them to do more to really chnage, not 10 years from now but now.” He also had a message for the next genreation encouraging them to “dream the impossible”.

Hamilton hasn’t recieved the accolades normally attributed to British sports heroes of years gone by. A lot of detractors attribute his dominance to his superior vehicle, accuse him of taking the joy out of F1 and don’t like his insitence on bringing up societal issues on the race track. Being the only Black driver to ever race in F1, Hamilton is special and also has a special, often harsh spotlight hanging over him. But inspite of that he continues to break barriers, records and norms having a much needed powerful impact on and off the race course.