Lil Yachty announces launch of his own nail polish line

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

4 May 2021

Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty has debuted his new gender inclusive, nail polish line, Crete.

First announcing the brand late last year, when he came to the defense of a high school boy who was suspended for showing up to school with his nails painted, Crete, hopes to help break the stigma and drop the barriers on men expressing themselves creatively.

“If you find painting your nails is a way to show your creative side or it’s an aesthetic that fits you, you shouldn’t be judged for it,” he shared in a press release.

Crete nail paint “Negatives 001” collection

“[Crete] is essentially like, it’s unisex but I want it to be more focused on for men to use it, and to be more comfortable in their own skin. Because bro, it’s 2020, you know what I’m saying like it’s about to be 2021—come on, what are barriers? We still have barriers?”

The theme for this collection is chromatic with the nail polish coming in white, black, and grey.

Crete nail paint “Negatives 001” collection will be available on Crete’s website on May 21.of that.”