Lionel Messi’s Leaked £492 Million Contract Is The “Most Expensive Ever” For An Athlete

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

31 Jan 2021

Being the best in the world at something definitely has its perks, as it was revealed that Lionel Messi’s Barcelona contract is worth around £492m.

The pint sized Argentinian is considered by many to be the greatest to ever play the sport of football and his “leaked” contract is a testament to that.

Spain’s El Mundo newspaper said it had access to the document the footballing star signed with the Catalan club in 2017, which included fixed incomes and extras that could reach nearly €138m (£122m) each season.

The report also said Messi had already bagged more than €510m (£452m) of the total contract, calling it the most expensive contract ever paid to an athlete.

Barcelona are going through some serious financial troubles, even after they got their players to agree to a 70 per cent pay cut as the effects of the coronavirus pandemic start to become harsher on their finances. The news of Messi’s mammoth contract being leaked will not be appreciated.