List of Priorities: Nat Slater & her brand new single

Andre Johnson

By Andre Johnson

Andre Johnson

5 Feb 2020

19 year old singer Nat Slater, has released her brand new single ‘List of Priorities’.

Nat doesn’t shy away from expressing her disappointment for being an afterthought to someone she holds dear to her, but yet they don’t reciprocate. 

“It’s kind of like all the things you want to say to someone, but [you] couldn’t”, she explains in her own words.

The song is is an excellent display of Nat’s songwriting and is produced by Monro, who has been able to create a soundtrack that draws towards Nat’s approach to her music – chilled and personal, creating a mellow sound complimenting that.

‘List of Priorities’ is out now and serves as the first of many releases to come from the 19-year-old this year, listen here.