Lockdown restrictions being lifted on June 21st under threat despite Boris denying claims

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

18 May 2021

It seems the Indian Variant of the COVID-19 virus is about to ruin a lot of brits summer with the highly anticipated June 21st final lockdown easing date of June 21st under threat.

According to some ministers and official the likelihood of full lockdown restrictions being lifted on June 21 ‘close to nil’.

A government advisor said: “It is clear some social distancing will have to be retained, not everything we’ve set out for 21 June is likely to happen,” adding “it is also possible some of the easing we’ve done today will have to be reversed.”

The specifics of a delay, or which aspects of unlocking that’s already happened would need rolling back we’re not given however it will be dependent on data that will become available in around a fortnight.

The key as always will be the Vaccine role out with the health secretary saying on Monday that the evidence, from “viral neutralisation assays” taking place at Oxford, suggests the vaccines are effective against the Indian variant. 

The Prime Minister urged people: “When you get the call, get the jab.”

“Vaccines are the best way to protect people from the virus. They have already saved thousands of lives and they will continue to do so.”

He also said, “We see nothing conclusive to suggest we have to deviate from the road map”.

The big question now facing Johnson now is whether to slow down or even reverse unlocking if the disease were on the rise but there was no significant risk of the NHS being overwhelmed, according to ministers.