Logan Sama’s Old Tweets Comes Back To Haunt Him…Now Relieved Of His BBC Radio 1Xtra Role

Kings Media

By Kings Media

Kings Media

9 Nov 2017

Another case of “ignorant and offensive comments” comes back to bite a Grime Legend…

BBC Radio 1xtra has announced that Grime DJ Logan Sama has been relieved of his role and has therefore left the Radio 1 Residency position. This is as a result of old controversial tweets he posted a few year ago, which were deemed offensive to mixed black women.

The shocking news comes less than two weeks after it was announced that Logan Sama would be joining BBC 1Xtra for a new Grime Show. He was set to kick start the show this coming Friday (10th November), but that offer has now been withdrawn.

It all kicked off when Sama tweeted “I’m not content with Friday. Monday is my night as well…. I’m taking that back too…” possibly having a go at Twin B who of course is the BBC Radio 1xtra host on Monday nights.

In his defence, Twin B responded tweeting ” Ooooh I’m quite enjoying Monday nights G. Couple “Militant Black women” might rear their head as well… you wouldn’t want that ”
A tweet that no doubt had

Twin B went further ahead to reveal his dissatisfaction at Sama’s “arrogant” tweet, before going ahead to address his old offensive tweets.

As much as we appreciate what Logan has done for the UK Grime scene, it is well clear that he went too far with his comments – which he knows himself. Since then, he has taken to social media to apologise for the “ignorant and offensive” comments he made as a “joke” amongst friends on a public platform.