London Man Admits To Snatching 24 Phones Worth £10,000 In An Hour

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

6 Jun 2024

A London man who stole 24 phones in an hour from people in central London has plead guilty to theft.

Sonny Stringer, 28, stole the phones using an electric motorbike to evade officers. Despite reaching speeds of 50mph police were able to catch him using the local camera network.

Stringer and his unnamed accomplice were eventually rammed off their vehicle by an unmarked police car.

Having suffered a broken knee in the stop, Stringer was seen using crutches when he appeared in the dock at Isleworth Crown Court on Tuesday.

Control officer Lynn Newins said:

“In the control room we can manage the position of the cameras ourselves which is very useful and speeds up our ability to track criminals,” she said.

“We spun the cameras around on Cheapside and updated officers on the phone snatchers’ path.

“I remember saying that they were ‘going like the clappers’ and could see members of the public having to avoid being hit by them.”

Stringer also picked up charges of dangerous driving and driving without insurance.

His accomplice managed to escape and remains at large.