Love Island To Return This Summer

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

4 Mar 2021

TV bosses have confirmed that fan favourite reality show Love Island UK will be returning summer 2021.

ITV’s Managing Director of Media and Entertainment, Kevin Lygo, confirmed the news as he announced ITV’s 2021 schedule.

He said: “There’s so much to look forward to on ITV this spring and into summer, with the Euros and the return of Love Island, but much more besides.”

Love Island has not returned to UK televisions since it concluded its winger addition February last year thanks to Covid restrictions.

Carolyn McCall, Chief Executive of ITV admitted: “I genuinely don’t know,” in response to the possibility of the show being filmed in the UK as opposed to Spain or South Africa like previous iterations.

“We will want to put Love Island on air because it’s been off air for a little while. We didn’t do it last summer.

“We are looking at all our options at the moment. The pandemic makes it hard.”

Contracts for this year’s show reportedly have Mallorca written into them but until filming starts it’s still up in the air.