Malik Polo arrives with the “Echo Chambers” EP


By Annelle


7 Oct 2021

Malik Polo has arrived with his long-awaited EP, Echo Chambers.

Serving mellow tones from the offset. العاب فلوس حقيقية Change, the intro track, sets the tone for the incredible musical identity of Malik Polo.

Abundance is a melancholy deep cut, laced with lyricism. His words radiating empowerment and introspectiveness. Spliced with poignant samples of police sirens – a muse on the universal chase of money, and going after what makes us happy – the artist travels from strength to strength across the EP’s duration.

Moving onto another standout track. New Skool is exactly that, new skool. The song, graced with the vocals of fellow South Londoner, Akin Soul. Urges our minds to evolve from the outdated and into the new. تنزيل لعبة الروليت

Housing optimistic production, splayed with sparkly strings and dreamy guitar chords. العاب النت الحقيقيه All while maintaining the scatters of police sirens, which work in harmony with Polo’s stream of consciousness. As he continues to explore his life and struggles as a young man in South London, with his pen.

Saveyda’s seductive voice blesses Wonder, the final stop of the sonic trip that is Echo Chambers. Polo’s laid-back flow and Ibn Itaka’s fusion of 90s R&B; neo-soul; jazztronica and alternative rap brings this project to perfect. This has definitely set pace for the rhythms Malik will assuredly be gifting us in the future.

Be sure to tap into Echo Chambers below…