Man Arrested After Faking Heart Attacks In 20 Restaurants To Avoid Paying The Bill

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

19 Oct 2023

A man living in the Alicante, Spain who faked heart attacks at 20 restaurants to avoid paying the bill has been arrested, according to Spanish Authorities.

Originally from Lithuania the 50-year-old dine-and-dasher saw his impressive free eating run come to an end after he asked restaurant staff at El Buen Corner to call for an ambulance, which they refused and instead informed the police.

The unnamed man was aprehended by the staff attempting to walk out the 34.85 euros (£30.32) bill for the two shots of whiskey and a seafood paella he ordered, according to Spain’s EFE news agency.

Initially the man claimed he would retrieve the money from his hotel room before resorting to his tried and tested faking a heart attack ruse. On arrival the officers identified him from prior encounters at other eateries in Alicante and he was promptly arrested.

“It was very theatrical, he pretended to faint and slumped himself down on the floor,” the manager of the restaurant told a Spanish news outlet. “We have sent his photo around to all the restaurants to try and stop him from striking again.”

The restaurant owners are now said to be contemplating filing a collective complaint, a move which would see the individual handed a sentence of up to two years in prison.