Man Awarded £33,000 After His Job Was Determined To Be Too Boring

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

19 Jan 2022

A French man who sued his employer for giving him a “boring” job, received a $45,000 (£33,000) payout.

According to France TV, the Parisian’s unlikely severance package is the first in French history.

On the surface Frédéric Desnard’s, $80,000-a-year job as a manager at Paris-based perfume manufacturer Interparfums wouldn’t seem anymore boring than any other job. However, after losing a big client Desnard was reduced to menial tasks resulting in his “bore-out”.

He told the Paris appeals court: “No one cared if I arrived at 9am or 10am. I had to buy some supplies – a few sheets of paper – and then my day was over.”

The “depressed, destroyed, and ashamed,” worker described his time at the company as a “slow descent into hell” and said his role amounted to “daily humiliation”.

Some of the mundane tasks included setting up the CEO’s tablet and letting into his manager’s home.

Suffering a nervous breakdown he took seven months off work which was later used to dismiss him from the company.

Interparfum defended itself by arguing that Desnard showed no signs of boredom and lack of stimulation during his four years at the company, but only after learning that he was going to be made redundant.

Originally after $400,000, he was instead awarded a little over 10 percent of that as compensation.

The court ruled that Interparfums had inflicted upon him “boredom and a lack of activity” which amounted to a form of harassment.