Man Caught In Possession Of Sharpie Marker Pens Jailed

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

17 Oct 2022

A UK man has been jailed after being caught in possession of marker pens.

22-year-old Lloyd Griffiths was apprehended on October 10 with two sharpie pens, breaching the terms of his Criminal Behaviour Order.

Griffiths claims the Sharpies were given to him by a friend earlier in the day saying he had no intention of using them to deface a public place.

Officers also reportedly found a small amount of cannabis on his person.

Griffiths was previously convicted in 2019 for causing “prolific” criminal damage across Peterborough city centre.

Credit: Cambridgeshire Police

The CBO prohibited him from carry marker pens, wet paints, or any other material to cause criminal damage within a public place for five years.

PC Luke Cooke said: “Griffiths was handed this CBO after causing prolific criminal damage in public places across the city centre, which resulted in disruption to local businesses in the area, and upset many members of the local community. I hope this result shows how seriously the courts take a breach of a Criminal Behaviour Order.”