Man Gets Eaten By Piranhas After Jumping In Lake To Escape Bee Attack

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

19 Nov 2021

A 30-year-old man became fish food after an unbelievable encounter with nature.

Fishing with two friends on a farm in the municipality of Brasilandia de Minas the trio jumped into a lake to escape a swarm of bees, the fire department told local publication Estado De Minas.

His two friends managed to swim away to safety whilst their comrade was eventually found four metres away from the shoreline later by authorities.

The recovered body had been “torn open several parts of the body and tore open the right side of the face” by the razor mouthed critters, the local fire department stated.

In what could barely be described as a silver lining to this story a member of the emergency response team reportedly indicated that the position of the deceased fisherman’s body indicated that he may of drowned before the piranhas got to him.

The man’s body has been handed over to his family so that they could perform a funeral.