Man Implants Tesla Car Keys Into His Hand So He Never Loses Them Again

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

23 Aug 2022

One Tesla owner has taken extreme measures to make sure he never loses his car keys again by having it implanted into his hand.

YouTuber Brandon Dalaly spent $400 dollars getting the VivoKey Apex chip – a contactless chip coated a biocompatible substance – implanted into his right hand.

The handy innovation uses the same near-field communication (NFC) that makes contactless payment systems like Apple Pay possible.

This also isn’t the first time he’s undergone this procedure having implanted a chip with the keys to his home, contact card, medical information and other such items in his left hand.

Dalaly, a tech professional, is in a beta group of about 100 people testing the chip and its various capabilities. 

“The company that put this together literally has its own app store where you can wirelessly install apps into your body with these chips,” Dalaly said.

“We’re at the dawn of this technology and it’s a very niche product. And there’s been a lot of pushback. People thought that Bill Gates was putting tracking chips in the Covid vaccine. It fuels a lot of conspiracy theories.”