Man Mistaken For IT Expert In Viral Video Plans To Sue BBC Over Footage Royalties

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

29 Aug 2023

The man mistaken for an IT expert in a viral video is planning to sue the BBC over footage royalties.

Guy Goma shot to internet stardom when he was accidentally interviewed live on air by BBC in 2006. At the studio for a data cleanser role, Goma was hilariously mistaken for tech expert Guy Kewney.

His confused answers and the amusing befuddled faces he pulled has seen the interview amass millions of views for the BBC who he claims he had contacted but never got back to him.

Speaking on recovering the unpaid royalties he said: “I am going to go because of the money they made from it. They didn’t give me a single penny… They have been using it for nearly 20 years with no penny to me. When I see that they are paying people millions here and there, that clip made them richer.”

Now, he is also contemplating writing a book titled Wrong Guy.